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"When you are your own boss you are also your own employee." With this first admonition on running a business by yourself, Aaron Bowers covers some of the philosophy and techniques of establishing and operating a sole proprietorship. He presents some of the many rules he admits he was "dumb enough to break," but learned the hard way as he went into business for himself after almost 30 years of working for other people.

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Aaron Bowers is a self employed advertising specialist in Macon, Georgia and has provided advertising and marketing services to national and local businesses including the CBS Television Network. His media work has resulted in many local, regional, and national awards including Middle Georgia’s only AAF National "ADDY" for Radio Advertising.

Aaron has been a resident of Macon since 1970. He is married to Daphne Stevens; has three children, and two grand children. He operates his own business (and is the only employee), and has extensive experience in the communications industry. He has provided a great deal of volunteer service to local community organizations. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army where he received the Bronze Star for service in Viet Nam.


"I've been self-employed for 27 years, and I've made every mistake Aaron warns about in this book. I wish I'd read this book sooner than I did. The thing to know is this: Read the book and follow Aaron's Laws. In Aaron We Trust."

David Clark
Cochran, Georgia

"I have found your book "Managing Employees - When You're the Only One" to be invaluable as I have gotten my one-person business up and running. Your rules are simple and the accompanying suggestions are doable. Following your advice has shortened and smoothed my path to achieving success. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences."

John Palmer
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

"This easy to read, short book is chock full of ideas, systems and advice that can help you save an immense amount of time and money in helping the self-employed business owner. If you are a freelance copywriter, graphic designer, or photographer, you will learn from Aaron's experience on how to avoid and deal with the common and not so common traps of being your own boss. More than the jewels of information you will discover in this book, Aaron has the gift of storytelling which makes this a very fast and enjoyable read. You will find new concepts each time you read it. Whether you have employees or not, this is a must have in your arsenal of reference books to manage your business! "

Larry Najera,
Najera Design+Associates

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